Health Net

Healthnet (MHN)

Healthnet (MHN) began covering TMS in 2012.
MHN TMS Coverage Policy


Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross began covering TMS in 2012.
Anthem TMS Coverage Policy


Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California began covering TMS as of Jan 11, 2013.
Blue Shield TMS Coverage Policy


Optum, United Behavioral Health (UBH)

Optum, United Behavioral Health (UBH), began coverage in 2014.
United Behavioral Health Coverage Guidelines



Humana started covering TMS as of July, 2015.
Humana Coverage Guidelines


Cigna started covering TMS as of March, 2016.
Cigna Coverage Guidelines


Medicare began covering TMS in California in April 2016.


Tricare started covering TMS as of June, 2016.
Tricare Coverage Guidelines


Aetna began covering TMS in July, 2016.
Aetna Coverage Guidelines

In addition, TMS has been approved by most other commercial payors on a case-by-case basis. Several factors go into whether treatment will be covered. In some cases, your insurance may pre-authorize treatment. Otherwise, attempts will be made for reimbursement for treatments already received. Our practice manger will be able to assist in determining insurance coverage, and request prior or retro-authorization. More and more patients are able to get at least partial reimbursement from their insurance company. Other funding options include cash basis, withdrawal from a healthcare flexible spending account, or financing. Many providers and patient advocacy groups are actively working to ensure TMS therapy is available under more commercial insurance companies and Medicare.

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