Your treatments can only be given by prescription from a physician. The physician will determine your motor threshold and set treatment location and parameters on the first session. Thereafter, one of our certified technicians will be able to administer subsequent treatments under the supervision of the physician.

Carlos Alarid, M.A.

In addition to providing TMS therapy, Carlos is completing his doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology at Alliant International University. His current practicum focuses on neuropsychological assessments for patients who have suffered intracranial damage such as stroke or traumatic brain injury. Previous practicum experience included training in Cardiorespiratory Biofeedback, Muscle Tension Biofeedback, and Thermal Biofeedback.

Carlos has worked at Alpine Special Treatment Center as a Rehabilitation Counselor, providing group and individual therapy in a residential setting. This role built on experiences he received at Pasadena Recovery Center, featured on Celebrity Rehab. Research experience commenced at UC San Diego where he administered a variety of clinical batteries, collected and inserted data into SPSS, and trained as an fMRI scan assistant. Carlos is actively developing research protocols to be used at TMS Therapeutics in San Diego. He is a San Diego native and fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Connie Velarde, LVN

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Janell Bicoy, BSN, RN

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"As an expert in diagnosing and treating Schizoprenia and other psychotic disorders, as well as Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Substance Abuse, I whole-heartedly believe in the beneficial effects of TMS Therapy."

Brian P. Miller, M.D.

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Since I started using TMS Therapy, my perspective on life has been so positive that I now know there is hope for a brighter future.

Natalie H.

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